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Benefits of Norwell EDGE

A world-class training tool created by engineers for engineers

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    Flexible Subscriptions

    For individuals and companies we have designed our subscriptions to be affordable in any market. You can come and go as you please with no penalties or minimum terms.

    No contracts…ever

    EDGE is contract free. Stay for as long as you like and come back anytime. Companies will also only pay for users once they actually start training. So no need to commit to minimum numbers.

    For everyone

    EDGE is for everyone in the industry who needs trusted upstream training. We have made it as affordable as possible so that everyone can have that opportunity. With discounts available as more personnel are added, EDGE means everyone in an organisation can build awareness, knowledge and upstream competence.

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    We must be more open with our information. Passing on knowledge is key to our success and survival as an industry. EDGE profiles and access to your completed training with always be free so that your knowledge database and training history stays with you, forever.


    You are in the driving seat. We will always strive to give our users what they want. From new topics to 3D and VR media. Continuous feedback from our community of users is integral to the EDGE concept.


    We are constantly seeking out the best in the industry to contribute to our content. If you believe in what we are doing we want to hear from you. Axis Well Technology did and together we built Level 1.

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    Training should be easy to access, anytime. Our high-quality eLearning provides the flexibility modern life demands. Be it during work, between flights or while at home, EDGE makes it easy.


    No longer do personnel have to leave the office to access training. With EDGE you never have to leave your desk.

    Any device

    Modern life and flexibility go hand in hand. No longer does training have to be done face to face, or using PowerPoint. EDGE is accessible on any device, anywhere, anytime.

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    Keep easy track of your own, or employees, progress as you work through modules and assessments. Prove what you have done and easily demonstrate your progression.


    Your training history belongs to you. Manage an auditable history of your technical training that stays with you over time and between employers.


    Analyse the competency of teams, key personnel or consultants in specific subjects or broadly through the use of our EDGE exams. Analysis is based on up to date responses to real-world questions.

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    We always have the individual at the top of the list. Our industry is made up of thousands of individual people all trying to improve, succeed and provide. EDGE is here to support each and every one of you build awareness, knowledge and a training history that belongs to you.


    With thousands of pages of content, cloud-based servers and an eLearning platform already used by 3,000,000 people, EDGE can quickly and easily bring on board companies with 1 to 10,000+ personnel.


    More people than ever before are struggling to access adequate upstream training. As an industry we must embark on ambitious and forward-thinking initiatives to bring high quality trusted content to personnel around the world. EDGE has been built to handle this scale and we welcome everyone to come on this journey with us.

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    Level 1

    Our awareness course will give personnel a fundamental grounding in upstream theory, concepts and operations. With 50 topics, assessments and an exam, Level 1 is usually completed over a 12 month period. 

    Level 2

    Our advanced courses focus on critical aspects of the upstream value chain including advanced design and operational modules. Our level 2 exam is an ideal tool for consultant filtering.


    For administrators EDGE lets you see a comprehensive overview of all staff, specific teams or individuals. You can compare progress, results and complete advanced competency analysis.

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    Norwell has spent 30 years delivering high profile and complex upstream projects around the world. We have always had the strongest commitment to giving our own personnel the very best training and now we want to ensure everyone in the industry has the same opportunity.


    We are working with the best in the business to help develop world-leading content. All of our testing and completion topics come from Axis Well Technology who have experience in delivering over 575 well tests and 350 completions since 2001.

    Oil and Gas UK

    Our content is built from the OGUK upstream competency framework. In 2012 OGUK set out the critical areas within the upstream value chain that IOCs should focus their attention. We have spent 5 years building EDGE around this trusted framework and developing a platform to positively impact the widest possible audience.

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    For Individuals

    Fill in your details, we send you a login and off you go. Subscriptions are fully flexible and completed training always stays with you.

    For Companies

    All we need are emails. You provide us with user emails, we issue passwords and you don’t pay a penny until those users start training.

    Simple is better

    In keeping EDGE simple we have built a platform that can be easily rolled out around the world. Just as suited to handle individuals as major companies, EDGE can be seamlessly adopted as an in-house programme, supplement existing training or form part of a wider competency programme.

Making Upstream training affordable, accessible and open

Let’s work together to build an industry that is smarter, fairer and empowered.