How We Mastered Digital Training For Complex Subjects

08 April 2020
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Success in the oil and gas sector relies heavily upon the technical abilities of those carrying out complex operations. These abilities must extend beyond an individual’s specialty to include an understanding of each part of an operation – why steps are taken and why precautions are put in place. This is why so much value can be found in implementing an innovative strategy for training and development.

While most of the large training providers now offer custom digital solutions, without the right approach these projects often fail to take off. And in this ever more challenging climate, it is essential to ensure that training brings high-quality results and value for money.

Norwell EDGE was founded with the purpose of developing digital training for highly complex Oil & Gas subjects. Our business has been built on the foundations of a company that’s committed to technical excellence. The team of engineering specialists behind EDGE at our sister business Norwell Engineering has spent more than thirty years delivering hundreds of challenging projects around the world - and we have drawn directly on this technical expertise to build our world-class training.

After experiencing first-hand the many challenges and limitations that companies face when trying to access adequate technical wells training, the team at Norwell knew it had the in-house knowledge to offer companies a unique solution. A solution-focused on creating a level playing field across the sector globally - one that would empower individuals, raise awareness and drive standards even higher.

By drawing upon the extensive experience of our own technical teams and by adopting the Oil and Gas UK wells competency guidelines - as the only online training provider to do so - we have been able to create high-quality training modules that fit seamlessly together, as well as alongside any OGUK compliant competency profiles.

The development of technical training is not for the faint of heart, but it does not have to be an onerous or high-cost process. At Norwell EDGE we have adopted a rapid eLearning development strategy, putting the technical experts at the very heart of our course design process. Rather than spending months or even years developing a course, this strategy allows us to build modules in a matter of weeks.

At EDGE our in-house team has the skills and understanding to create technical training from start to finish. We both author original content and work with clients to develop joint course material, we work to create engaging course structures, build animation, graphics and gamified technology - and we can do all this simultaneously, cutting months off a project life.

Through working alongside our clients, and with our experienced in-house teams, we rarely have to engage external professionals, allowing us to keep both costs and timelines to a minimum. We are structured to work quickly, saving you time and money while retaining trusted technical integrity throughout all of our courses. 

Many IOCs continue to plough large sums of money into training personnel in traditional ways. This often results in overspending, under training and a lack of staff engagement. But with advances in training technology and innovative new methods, it is now possible to effectively deliver technical training across an entire organisation. The technical expertise at Norwell EDGE is truly embedded in the heart of our business – driving us to create ground-breaking, accessible training solutions in an ever-changing industry.


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