Norwell EDGE Launches Customisable Training Platform

15 November 2019
Tackling The Skills Crisis – How Can Digital Learning Help? Featured Image

The oil and gas sector is increasingly embracing digital transformation in its drive to achieve operational excellence and transition towards a more sustainable future. One area where the benefits of digitisation has often overlooked, however, is training.


Ensuring our people have the right skills to work safely and effectively today while gaining the insights and knowledge they need to deliver a sustainable tomorrow is a critical industry challenge.


Norwell EDGE has seen an increased demand from operators and service companies to support the digitisation of their technical training programmes as they seek-out more effective and economical approach to traditional classroom teaching.


We are always exploring ways to give our users greater control over their training. While our Awareness and Application course is fully aligned with Oil and Gas UK’s upstream competency guidelines, we recognise that everyone has their own individual needs to meet those standards.


That’s why we’re launching a series of updates to make the EDGE platform even more flexible and the content more engaging. You’ll now be able to pick and choose which modules you want to study rather than subscribe to full courses.


Here’s what you can expect:


New look EDGE - For people who have followed our story so far you’ll notice that we have a great new look! This represents the strides we have taken in developing our digital services and our future-focused outlook.


Customise your training – we’re giving our users even greater control of their training. Build your own programme and only pay for the modules you want.


Simulation games and interactive content – put your newly honed skills to the test with our new 3D simulation while short quizzes and new interactive content helps learners to retain more information. Click here to try the simulations!


Nano modules – over the coming months we’ll be launching a new range of nano modules – perfect for people who are looking to learn about a specific topic. Our free Introduction to Drilling and Introduction to Geology modules [INSERT LINKS] already feature this enhanced approach. Learn more here.


OGUK compliant – following the update to Oil and Gas UK’s upstream competency guidelines we are now fully aligned with these updated recommendations.


Norwell EDGE was launched in 2017 with the aim of improving skills and competency throughout our global industry. To achieve this, we know we need to make access to world-class technical training both affordable and accessible. Our awareness courses cover the full E&P lifecycle in manageable, flexible modules.


Discover your EDGE today!