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Our story

Breaking down barriers to upstream training

Changing the way we think about oil and gas training

The concept for Norwell EDGE came from a deeply held belief that as an industry we must change the way we think about upstream training. No longer should it be the advantage of the lucky few, or only done from time to time. We must train little by little, in an engaging and high quality environment. We must make training more affordable and accessible than ever before. This is what EDGE is about.

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Our Mission

To open the door to everyone, everywhere who seeks a world class, affordable and comprehensive training platform in the oil & gas sector.

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Where it all started

Norwell Engineering, the company behind EDGE, is committed to technical excellence.

We strongly believe that this can only be achieved by empowering and supporting people with continuous training throughout their careers.

Our engineering team spent years building a world class in-house training programme that boasted volumes of high-quality modules, assessments and exams.

Having spent 30 years delivering complex projects around the world, in addition to providing technical support and expert witness testimony in high profile cases such as Deepwater Horizon, we had seen first-hand the consequences of inadequate training, assessment and auditability.

We had witnessed the many challenges and limitations many companies and individuals face when trying to access comprehensive upstream training.

We felt it was our responsibility to step up and make a change.

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Finding EDGE

We decided to shake up how the oil and gas industry provides training.

Building on our in-house programme, we studied the most effective ways to provide everyone in the industry with access to affordable training. Cue EDGE.

We have spent the last year working with the very best minds in both the oil and gas industry and eLearning sector to deliver a training platform that will create a truly level playing field for the global oil and gas sector. Empowering individuals, increasing awareness and driving up standards across the board

Get the EDGE

Making Upstream training affordable, accessible and open

Let’s work together to build an industry that is smarter, fairer and empowered.