Norwell EDGE launches global beta test

06 July 2020
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The international beta test of Norwell EDGE kicks-off today!

The six-week programme will see EDGE put through its paces by engineering professionals and students in more than 30 countries worldwide.

This test phase has been the goal on our development horizon for many months and it feels like the culmination of years of hard work to get to this point.

It is a critical milestone and we can’t wait to work with the hundreds of international testers who signed up to take part.

A beta test is a critical part of any new system. It is the first time a group people will have had the chance to use it and give vital feedback on how it works, what is good and what needs to be improved.

In our case, this is the first time an external group will have a chance to put Norwell EDGE through its paces. Ten of our Level 1 modules have been made available for volunteers to try out and let us know what they think. The modules include:

Introduction to Geology
Introduction to Drilling
Introduction to Production
Pore Pressure
Drilling Fluids
Drill String Design
Casing Design
Completion Design
Wellsite Operations
Well Integrity Management

Our goal is to get meaningful feedback from our volunteer testers and incorporate that feedback into both our short and long-term development pipelines.

Our volunteer testers are key to EDGE's success. Many of them are our earliest supporters and most valued critics. We are not building EDGE for ourselves, but for everyone working in the oil & gas sector who struggles to get the upstream training they need and deserve. EDGE is for people just like you!

Norwell EDGE is due to officially launch in March. Sign-up to register for updates and keep up to speed with beta testing by following us on social media.